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Nana, a 19-year-old Florida teenager who has been performing as the Nana Bear in local nightclubs for years, is trying to talk her past to her fans.

The Bear recently posted a message on Instagram that read: “There’s a part of me that will always remember what happened and the other part of my brain will remember everything.

I am here to be who I am today and to be able get through it.”

As part of the Instagram video, Nana shows off a photo of her father, who was a police officer in the 1990s.

“He never said anything bad about me.

I know that.

I just know that because I’m so scared,” she said.

She said that she has a lot of regrets about her past and how she handled it.

Nana said she was not able to make friends in high school, which was a time when being a transgender person was taboo.

But now, she says, “I am able to be myself and my family is accepting.”

She is not the only transgender performer in the entertainment industry.

Last month, former transgender actress and singer Laverne Cox spoke about the struggles she faced as a transgender woman in an interview with the CBS show The Talk.

The Talk’s David Muir also asked her about how she dealt with her own gender dysphoria, saying that “you can’t change your brain.

You have to be forced to.”

Nana’s parents, both in their late 40s, said they didn’t understand why her daughter would want to be a transgender performer.

“She has to go to a doctor to get hormone treatment,” said her mother, Maria Garcia.

“She can’t go out on stage.”

Nanas father, Jose Garcia, said that his daughter is not transgender and that she was simply doing what she was told by her parents.

“Nana was born with the name Nana and she was always given a female name and gender, but she had a male name,” Jose Garcia said.

“We had no idea how to deal with that.

She was a girl.

She would be called ‘Nana’ to all the people that would come to see her, but then they’d call her by her female name.”

Nanos father said that he and his daughter were not aware of the backlash Nana’s past had caused, and that he had not seen a single Facebook post about Nana since the video was posted.

“I don’t understand the whole issue,” he said.

“What happened to her?

Why is she doing this?

Why are her parents not understanding that it’s a big deal?

I’m not sure.”

Nyanas parents said that they would be willing to talk with her.


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