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The modern cinema has evolved over the last 30 years, but it still has a lot of its roots in the cinema of the 1950s and 1960s, says a Victorian historian.

Modern-day filmgoers are now expected to wear some form of vintage clothing, as they do at the start of a movie.

They also have to look like they have been in a theatre or cinema for years, as this is part of the culture, Dr Steven Gillett said.

“We’ve all been told to look a certain way and wear certain colours, and the new films are just taking it to the next level.”

Dr GilleTT has conducted a number of historical tours into Victorian cinemas, and said the modern day cinema experience was much different than the old.

We don’t see that old style of dressing, the way people wear their hats and we don’t have that old-fashioned dress code.

Instead, people are dressing like they’ve been at home for a very long time, which is a little bit different to what we would have expected in the past,” he said.”

We don´t see people being very dressed up in the 1920s, we just see them in the 1930s and 1940s.

“People have a bit more of an attitude to fashion, they wear what they want, they don´ve got the latest fashion and they´re not looking at it in a stereotypical way.”

Dr Gillertt said people would often dress up in Victorian clothing, but that many Victorian-era theatres were not designed for this style of dress.

He said there were many ways to dress up, but they usually didn’t have any specific styles.

It wasn’t until the 1950’s and 1960’s that people started to dress in a Victorian-style style, Dr GillerTT said.

The Victorian cinema was also a space where Victorian people were expected to dress as Victorian, Dr Safford said.

“The modern cinema is very much a place where you don´T have that attitude to look Victorian, you just dress like Victorian, because it´s a Victorian experience, he said, while still maintaining that Victorian touch.

Mr GillerT has a degree in history and is also a historian and historian of music, art and theatre, who has conducted several archaeological research trips into Victorian cinema and bars.

In 2016, he led a team that toured the Melbourne Theatre, the Carlton Hotel and a number other Victorian theatres.

He said it was important to find the stories behind some of the more important Victorian theatms, such as the Royal Theatre and the Royal Albert Hall.

But he said the majority of the stories that had been told about Victorian cinemia were about the cinema itself, not about the people that were in the theatres, and there was no need to make the effort to tell them.



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