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This is FRESH AIR and today we’re going to talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which is the first film in the franchise to open to the public and which is coming to theaters on December 15.

And I think the people who are really interested in it are those who are in the theater and are going to see it.

But let’s start with the first Star Wars film, Episode I. The original story is that a group of scientists working for the Resistance infiltrated the Death Star, the Empire’s space fortress, and killed every single one of the Empire generals.

So, the original story was that a superweapon was designed and developed by the Resistance and used against the Empire, but it turned out to be a failure, and it was destroyed in a spectacular explosion.

And so, it was a really bad story, and people really thought it was one of those things where it’s just a bit of a legend.

It’s not, it’s a fact.

So what happened is that the Resistance was a bit like an underground resistance movement that had never been heard of before.

It was sort of a secret society that was working to stop the Empire from destroying the galaxy.

It started in the year after the Battle of Endor.

And they had this idea of using a hyperspace drive that had been created by a group called the Death Squadron, which was the original Rebel Alliance.

So they were basically the Rebel Alliance at the time.

And one of their goals was to get a hyperspeed drive into the Death Stars.

And a Death Star was supposed to be the key to the galaxy and a way to fight the Empire.

So the Death Squad was a group that was supposed, by the way, to be underground.

And it’s interesting that the Empire had a way of using the Death Squads to infiltrate the Death star, and they were able to steal the Death stars secret technology.

So we’ve got these two guys on the Death STAR, who are secretly working on this new hyperspace engine that’s supposed to help the Empire and destroy the Deathstars secret weapon.

And this is the second part of the story that’s a little bit different.

The first part of it was the Death Battle.

And the first thing you need to know is that it was not a battle of the Force.

It wasn’t a battle between good and evil.

It involved a battle over control of the Deathstar.

And these guys were using their technology to destroy the secret weapon that the Deathsquads had.

The story that the original Star Wars was about is this kind of space battle, the first one that you’ve seen on screen in the original trilogy.

And you know, there was this guy named Han Solo.

Han Solo, the son of Leia, is the captain of the Rebellion.

And Leia’s son is Han Solo’s younger brother.

So this guy, who’s in the middle of this, is trying to save the galaxy, but he’s not getting anywhere.

And he’s going through some trouble with the Imperials.

And in this film, we meet this guy called Boba Fett.

He’s this guy who goes around, as you might imagine, looking for trouble.

He doesn’t have any friends, he doesn’t get along with anyone.

And then he comes across a bunch of Death Star officers.

And his mission, his mission is to try and take down the DeathStar.

And there’s this little guy, called Bobo, who is the apprentice to Han.

And Bobo is kind of a bad-ass.

He goes around and takes out these bad guys, and Han Solo is kind a badass.

So Han Solo ends up in a sort of fight with this guy Bobo.

Han’s a big badass.

And when Han gets in the way of Bobo’s evil plan, he gets blown up by Bobo and he dies.

So it’s sort of this sort of the dark side of this thing.

And now, what’s interesting is that in the first story, the DeathSquads were kind of like the good guys.

They were actually really, really good guys, because they were working to save our galaxy from the Empire in this war.

They had the technology to defeat the Empire if they were given the chance.

And at the same time, they had an army of bad guys in there who were trying to destroy it.

And Han was part of that army.

So he was the kind of hero.

He was a guy who was fighting the good fight, the good war, and he was kind of the leader of the Rebel army.

And of course, Bobo had a big problem with Han.

Bobo has been in the Death squad for years, so he’s always seen Han as a bad guy.

And yet, Han’s like, I know what I’m doing.

Han was kind and caring.

And to Bobo at this point,


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