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As a rain entertainment star, the name Rain is familiar, but the singer and songwriter has changed his name.

The Toronto-born singer is now known as Rain, and he’s set to embark on a new career as a rock star.

Rain, who grew up in Mississauga, has a new home at the CBC.

He’s now the most-watched music personality in Canada, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

He recently recorded a new song called “I Know You.”

The Canadian singer and bandleader, who has also released three albums, is known for his unique, emotive style and signature sound.

Rain first came to Canada as a refugee from Vietnam in 1965.

He made his name as a singer-songwriter and guitarist before becoming an entertainer in the 1980s and 1990s.

The singer was part of a band called The Loves, which had a popular hit song “Dress It Up” that became a songwriter and a hit on radio stations around the world.

A record of his work is currently being reissued by Universal Music.

The Canadian musician was named an Artist of the Year at the 2013 National Music Awards.

His last album, 2011’s Songs From A Dream, was nominated for a Grammy Award for best Canadian song.

Rain is also the founder of Rain, a new pop-rock band based in Toronto. “

There are a lot of changes in his life and in the world around him and we’re trying to keep it as normal as possible, but he knows what he’s doing is going to be a part of the music industry for a long time to come.”

Rain is also the founder of Rain, a new pop-rock band based in Toronto.

It is called Rain, but it’s also known for its infectious music videos, which often include his signature sound of soaring guitars and riffs that are very different from other bands.

“I’ve had the great fortune of having a lot more opportunities to play live and make it big,” Rain said.

“It’s an exciting time for me to be in this situation.”

Rain has also had his own hit video, which has since been viewed over one million times.

“What we have in the past few years has been amazing, and we are just in a different place than we were in the beginning,” Rain told The Canadian Press.

“We have more options.

We have more possibilities.”

Rain and the band have been touring the U.S. for the past six months, with a new tour set to kick off next week.

Rain has been working with other bands, including his own band, and plans to return to Canada next year.


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