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Inxile Entertainment, the studio behind the blockbuster The Legend of Korra, announced on Monday that it will stream an animated video titled “The Dance Dance Revolution” on its website, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in English and Spanish.

The new video will feature music by the band, which is set to premiere on Monday, Aug. 25, 2018, at 7:00 p.m.

ET (03:00 a.m., PT).

The video will be available on the InxilETV app, and, and the site will also have a new section dedicated to the video, titled “Dance Revolution,” which will include a link to the app and a link on the video’s homepage to a new video trailer.

“The new video is a culmination of our collective vision to make music that will inspire, educate, and delight fans of both traditional and digital animation,” Inxilic CEO Robert Guggenheim said in a statement.

“We are excited to offer this special opportunity to our fans and fans of animation to enjoy a music video of their favorite character’s dance.”

The new trailer will be shown at InxiliETV’s first annual event, Inxsile Animation Festival, which takes place from Aug. 27 to Sept. 3 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Inxsiles’ director of product development, Alex Gugin, said that the new music video is part of Inxsili’s “Fashion and Fashion Design” series.

“There are two things that you’ll notice in the trailer, and they’re the animation and the music,” Gugenheim said.

“And they’re quite beautiful.

And they’re part of the overall design of Inxilia’s brand.”

The animation is a collaboration between Inxsilia and the Los Angeles-based animation studio Wildstorm Entertainment.

The music video for the animated dance sequence is composed by singer-songwriter Nils Ødegård.

Inxiel Entertainment, which also produces the Avatar: The Last Airbender franchise and is the publisher of the animated Avatar series, is best known for its hit animated series InXile Entertainment TV, which launched on Cartoon Network in 2007.

The Inxsil Entertainment TV series has been the basis for many live-action series including “The Last Airbenders” and “Wakfu.”

It was the first series of its kind to air on Cartoon Channel and the first to air outside of the network.

InXil Entertainment’s other animated series include the animated series The Legend Of Korra and the animated adaptation of the popular anime series “Kuroneko.”

For more news on Inxila Entertainment, watch:


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