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There’s an app for that: the HBO Now streaming video service.

And while the service’s launch hasn’t quite kicked off as smoothly as we’d like, the platform has plenty of promise.

Here’s how to stream your favorite movies, TV shows and shows from Netflix to HBO Now.1.

Download the app2.

Log in to and sign up3.

Tap the HBO NOW icon4.

Choose your TV shows5.

Tap “Play” on the HBO app icon.6.

Choose “Play from my personal library”7.

Choose the movies you want to watch8.

Choose which TV shows you want in your library9.

Tap on the TV show you want10.

Choose whether you want HBO Now to show them in the background11.

Choose what you want for your “playlists”12.

Choose to show only the movies or shows you’re watching13.

Choose when you want your HBO Now streams to be saved14.

Choose if you want them to auto-save to the app or not15.

Choose HBO Now playback options16.

Choose how long the HBO Playlists will remain on your phone17.

Choose an audio player to play the HBO apps18.

Choose a theme song19.

Choose one of the four HBO Now themes20.

Choose where to view HBO Now notifications21.

Choose another app for HBO Now 22.

Choose between “watch live” and “watch offline”23.

Choose from three categories to filter out your favorite HBO content24.

Choose about three categories from the HBO Music app25.

Choose on-demand TV shows for streaming to HBO Go26.

Choose in-store HBO Now delivery options27.

Choose other HBO Now features to see them all.28.

Choose some options to turn off HBO Now29.

Choose settings to customize HBO Now30.

Choose features to view all the features


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