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The latest from Axios is that outdoor entertainment has lost ground in the U.S. to movies and TV.

Outdoor ticket sales have dropped in 2016, while cable and satellite providers are now offering better deals than ever.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the outdoor ticket industry lost 2.4% of the market in 2016.

That’s the lowest number in more than three years, according to industry data.

There were about 2.2 million outdoor ticket sales in the first quarter, down slightly from the first two quarters.

The industry also lost 3.5 million in the second quarter, while ticket sales rose 0.7% in the third quarter.

(We have updated the headline to reflect this report.)

The industry still has room for growth, though, with an estimated 1.4 million people now paying $100 to watch a movie outdoors on their TV or phone.

The last time the industry saw a decline in outdoor sales was in 2016 when tickets were down 4%.

That was due to the 2016 Super Bowl, which was held on the East Coast.

The NFL’s Sunday Ticket sale is a prime example of the way the industry is changing.

It’s more expensive than ever to watch the Super Bowl on television and mobile devices.

Ticket prices have jumped dramatically, but the revenue has dropped as well.

The average ticket cost in the fourth quarter of 2016 was $35.

The Super Bowl sold out within three minutes of being announced, according the Sports Business Journal.

And that’s just in the United States.

Ticket buyers in Europe have to pay more for tickets, with the average ticket costing about $100 in Europe.

That can make for a more expensive ticket to watch.

In 2018, the NFL said it was working on plans to increase the amount of time that the league can allow fans to watch games online.

That could be an incentive for more people to buy tickets.

That would help the NFL’s ratings, which have declined since the 2017 season.

But the NFL and the NFL Players Association have already begun discussing what to do about fans who buy tickets online, and some have expressed concerns that it will hurt the NFL, according a report from the New York Times.

That hasn’t stopped the NFL from trying to fix the problem.

The league is working with Ticketmaster, the company that handles online ticketing, and the Entertainment Software Association to try to bring the problem under control.

(For more on the issue, check out this article from Business Insider.)

The NFL also announced it was cutting ties with the NFLPA after the organization’s chairman, DeMaurice Smith, wrote to Commissioner Roger Goodell about the lack of cooperation with fans.

The union’s decision is part of an effort to improve communication with fans about their rights.

The NBA, the NBA All-Star Game, and NFL All-Pro teams are among the leagues that have made changes in how they handle fan concerns.

The problem for the NFL is that its current fans are the only ones who will be paying the bill.

The next step for the league is to find a way to get fans to pay for tickets online.

There are some solutions, though.

The MLB and NBA are doing it with the “MLBPA Live,” a live game that takes place in the stands of every home game that’s not in a broadcast package.

The “MLBMate” app allows fans to find live game games and tickets, or simply watch online.

The technology is still being worked out.

MLB and the NBA both recently launched a new app, MLB Live Gold, that will offer fans access to the games they’re going to and to the teams that will be playing in them.

But for now, fans have to make do with the current online ticket system.

It doesn’t look like fans will be getting much of a bump in tickets for the 2018 season.

The Associated Press’ Tom Toles contributed to this report.


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