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Recode/TechCrunch/Getty Images You can’t go to the movies with a TV or a smartphone, but you can use a phone or tablet as your TV or TV screen.

This is because your phone or your tablet is the device you watch movies and TV shows on.

You’ll want to switch your phone from your phone to a tablet, then switch back to a TV when you’re ready to watch a movie or TV show again.

Here’s how.

How to switch from your TV to your tablet to watch TV on your phone, and back again with your phone.


Switch your phone and TV on simultaneously.

Start the device that you want to watch the movie or show on.

Press the home button on your device, and then press the power button on the same device.


Press and hold the power and volume keys at the bottom of the screen for about a second.

You should see a screen with two lines on the left.

Press both of these keys at once to switch to your phone’s screen.

The screen will switch to a white screen and the phone will appear as the center screen.

If you press the volume keys on the other side of the device, the screen will stay white.


If your phone is not connected to your TV via HDMI, press the screen down until the screen shows up in your phone menu.

The phone screen will then change to a black screen.

You can use the volume buttons on your other side to switch back.

The volume keys are in the top-right corner of the phone menu, next to the power buttons.

The top-left and bottom-right buttons on the phone’s power and the volume button are on the right side of your phone screen.


Press a button on either side of either screen to switch between phones.

The next time you want your phone on your tablet, press down on the home key and the power key simultaneously.


Switch to your screen and watch the new movie or television show.

This can take up to a minute.


Switch back to your home screen.


Now, if you want the same movie or series on both phones, press both power keys on one side of each phone and then the home and power keys simultaneously.


Your phone will no longer be visible as the screen.

Now you can start your favorite movie or new TV show on your new phone.


To watch your favorite TV show, press and hold both power and Volume buttons on either device.


You’re ready for a new movie.

If the phone screen shows the movie you want, press one power key on each device.


The movie will start on your mobile phone screen and go on your screen on the TV.

The TV will start the movie on the tablet screen.


Repeat steps 3-6 for each TV.

If there’s a new TV in the middle of the movie, you’ll want your TV’s screen to show up as a green square on the screen of the new TV. 13.

If it doesn’t show up, press either power key and then Volume buttons simultaneously on the two phones.

This will bring up the menu for changing your settings on your devices.


When you’re finished changing settings on the phones, you can switch back between phones by pressing the screen back button.


If everything went well, you should now have your phone ready to go.


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