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Two big things are coming to entertainment definition in the next few months.

First, the company that makes the definition has announced the addition of “music” and “musical entertainment” to the definition.

The definition will now include “a program, performance, or other content that includes a song, music, or performance by a performer, singer, instrumentalist, or musician.”

This is a significant change from what has previously been the case.

Second, a major shift is happening to the way in which artists and other entertainment entities are categorized.

In its 2017 Entertainment Definition, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) classified music and musical entertainment as both “video game and game-like media” and as “entertainments.”

In addition, it’s changing the way the definition is used in its classification of “other media.”

The FTC defines “other” as “content that is not generally available to consumers through their primary means of distribution, such as streaming services, online media, or by other means.”

Under this new definition, video games and music will no longer be included as “video games and entertainment” because they are “games,” but they will be included in the definition of “entire entertainment program,” which will be the same definition that existed before the FCC changes.

What this means for you is that you can now watch your favorite shows and movies from your smartphone, but you’ll need to download a subscription service to do so.

That means you’ll have to pay for the content that you want to watch, rather than just getting access to the content you want.

It’s a big change, but the change is only the first step.

The FCC also announced that the next step will be to make the definition more inclusive, and the first steps are already underway.


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