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A dolphin has been rescued from the ocean after being hit by a car in Galway city centre.

The dolphin was found on Saturday at the Waterfall in Galwyn Park.

Police were called to the scene and officers have arrested the driver of the vehicle.

The dolphin has since been released into the care of the Animal Sanctuary in Cork.

Dolphin conservationist Jim Murphy said it was “a great opportunity to put a positive spin” on the rescue.

“I’m pleased that they are getting the best care possible,” he said.

“They are a very happy and well cared for animal.

It is good to see them being taken care of.”

The people of Galwyn have been really supportive and very patient.

“Mr Murphy said he hoped the dolphin would continue to be cared for.”

This is a great opportunity for us to put more positive messages out on the social media and I am sure it will be received well,” he added.

A local resident told the Irish Times that the dolphin was struck by a Ford Explorer, but no-one was injured.

Galwyn Park councillor, Catherine Murphy, said the car had been involved in a collision with a vehicle at the waterfall.”

There is no-go areas and there is a small area where the area is restricted by fencing.””

There are also reports of another vehicle going into the waterfalls and damaging the dolphin’s cage.”

“There is no-go areas and there is a small area where the area is restricted by fencing.”

In the interests of the welfare of the animals and the safety of those around them, the area has been closed and the area will remain closed until the end of the weekend.

“A spokeswoman for the Galwyn Parks said the area had been closed off to all traffic.

The Galwyn Gardens, Galwyn, Co Donegal, is located just off the city centre and is popular with tourists and locals alike.

A Galwyn councillor said that there was a strong community support for the dolphin rescue.

The council was aware of the incident and is now liaising with Animal Sanctuary Cork.


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