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A California entertainment company and a California government agency are developing a new adult entertainment center that will serve as a home for a number of California entertainment companies and their employees, according to a person familiar with the plan.

The proposed facility, at the site of the former Hollywood Casino, is being built by a private developer of a hotel and entertainment complex near the Hollywood Hills, the person said.

The project, dubbed the Adult Entertainment Center, has not been officially announced, but the developer is looking to build a large-scale facility for companies like Disney, DreamWorks Animation and MGM Resorts International.

The proposal would be the first such facility in California.

A person familiar who spoke on condition of anonymity said the project has been in the works for some time.

The developer has not yet released the details of the project, the source said.

Caesar Entertainment Inc., the largest operator of theaters in the U.S., has been looking to open an adult entertainment facility in Los Angeles for years, the first of which is currently in a planned hotel on the site.

The company recently said it would begin building a hotel there in 2019.

A spokesman for Caeser declined to comment.

The proposal is similar to a project announced by MGM Resort International earlier this year to develop a complex on the same site of a former Hollywood casino.

MGM has not said whether it will build a hotel or entertainment center at the proposed site, and it has not commented on whether it plans to build one.

Caesar announced in January that it would create a new entertainment venue, the Hollywood Casino Resort, with the addition of an adult theater and entertainment center.

The development was to include the hotel, and would include about 1,500 square feet of space for offices, said Michael Bessinger, a spokesman for MGM Resorct.

It also would include a restaurant, bars and other businesses.

In April, CaesAR Entertainment announced it would open a new hotel on a site at the Hollywood Studios, which is the site for the current MGM Resora.

The new site, near the site where MGM Studios is located, will house a hotel, restaurants and offices.

MGM Resorbtion Holdings Corp. has also begun a hotel development there.


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