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In a recent Facebook post, the owner of Adult Entertainment Center, which offers live adult entertainment in the Las Vegas Strip, explained why she believes her business will continue to thrive after Facebook’s announcement: This will be a temporary situation, because it will take time for our site to recover from the initial surge in visitors.

But once we’ve got the site back to a normal operating level, I will keep you updated on the progress.

After all, it is the people who pay for our entertainment that make our business so valuable.

We know that our audiences are looking for something different.

We want to make sure they get what they want, whether it’s entertainment, sex, a place to meet people, or a fun-filled experience.

I will keep the staff posted and will let you know when we have a complete recovery.

The company will have to be able to make its revenue on its own again, but it also has to be financially viable.

So far, its operating losses have been negligible.

“I have to say that I’m glad to be doing this.

I hope we can continue to grow the business and continue to make our customers happy,” she said.

“As we get better at being a place for people to come and connect with each other and enjoy themselves, we will see an increase in visits to our site and an increase of revenue.

As for her future, she said she’s not looking to take over the adult entertainment business, but to “start new ventures” and continue growing the company.

She said that she has plans to open an adult theater and will make the transition to a new owner soon.

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