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The Peluchinos are back!

With the return of their own show, The Pelucinians, The Late Late Show is back with a new season.

This time, the hosts will be John Oliver, Jimmy Kimmel and Samantha Bee.

The new season will be called Late Late Late Friday Night and will focus on the Peluchinians’ most successful shows.

Here’s what you need to know.


John Oliver & Jimmy Kimmel are back. 

John Oliver has been on the air for eight years, but he’s not returning.

In a tweet, the comedian said, “I am back to host a weekly Late Late show with Jimmy Kimmel.” 

Kimmel, who has hosted late night shows for years, tweeted: “I’m very excited to host my very own Late Late night show with John Oliver and Jimmy Kimmel!

#Pelucinans” Kimmel also said, “I’m thrilled to return to Late Late with John and Jimmy.

I think it’s great to have two of my favorite people on the planet on our team.” 


The Late Night team is making it more fun. 

The late night hosts have been busy lately.

Kimmel tweeted that he’s going to host his first episode of his new late night show.

He said he will be playing some “jokes and a little bit of a game show, which is awesome.

We’ll see how that goes.” 


Jimmy Kimmel will also be back to present his show on Saturday nights. He said,  “I’ll be back on Saturday night, and I’m going to be doing the Late Night show.”

He also tweeted, “After having my own Late Night Show for so long, I thought it was time for a new one.

I’m excited to be back.” 


The hosts are excited for their fans. 

“The Pelucins are the most popular late night host in the world,” Jimmy Kimmel said in a tweet.

“I hope the fans are as excited as we are!” 


The stars are also working on a new show. 

In a tweet on Friday, The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon said, “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and The Pelucians is about to get real!



Kimmel’s old show is back.

The late late night is not coming back.

Late Late Saturday night will continue with a weekly show called Late Night Friday Night.


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