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By now, you’ve probably heard about the recently announced Lucero, a smartwatch that lets you connect with your friends via a Bluetooth-connected phone app.

The app lets you use your phone to play games, listen to music, watch movies, or share photos.

The device also features a built-in projector and a smart remote.

But you may not know much about Lucero beyond the name.

Here are some of the main things you might not know about Luceros smartwatch: 1.

It’s a watch.

It was designed with a “hands on” approach in mind.

Instead of just looking at a display, it’s meant to be worn around your wrist and use gestures to control the display, including adjusting the screen brightness, brightness control, and turning on or off the camera.

Luceroes “luminosity” is adjustable.

When the brightness is set to 100 percent, it will automatically adjust itself to 100% brightness.

But if you’re using it with your phone, you can adjust the brightness using a small dial on the back.

You can also set a “time” value, which will determine how long it will take for the display to turn on when you tap the display.


It uses Android Wear.

The watch will come with Android Wear, a standalone wearable operating system that works with Google’s Android Wear app.

You’ll also be able to control other apps with the phone’s camera and camera features, such as playback of video.


It has a new display.

It sports a 3-inch display, which looks a lot like a traditional watch.

This is made possible by a new design and more comfortable fit.

It also sports a more “glossy” texture to improve the look of the display when you hold it up to your face.


It supports a wide range of different types of screens.

You will be able access the display from a wide variety of different screens.

These include: Android Wear watches, Android Wear smartwatches, Android phones, and Android Wear watch faces.


It works with Android phones.

The Luceromos watch will also work with Android smartphones.


It can be used with a wide array of other Android devices.

There are a lot of smartwares on the market today.

But the Lucero is a brand new product.

The smartwatch features an embedded microphone that works on phones, so it can be controlled with your smartphone.

It features a “wearable camera” that you can connect to your phone via Bluetooth to control playback of movies, music, or videos.


It connects to your computer.

You’re able to connect the Lucero to your PC through a USB-C port.

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How to Use Lucerotos Bluetooth Speaker in Your Car The Lucero can connect directly to your car’s speaker system.

But it can also be used in your car using an Android phone or Android Wear phone.

The USB-c port can then be used to power the Luceros display.


It comes with an embedded speaker.

The speaker can also play music from a Bluetooth speaker, but you’ll have to pair the Lucergos speaker with a Bluetooth device before the speaker can play music.


The color is available in three options: white, black, and silver.

The black version comes with a fingerprint reader.


The price is $199.99.

This means that it’s a great way to try out a new smartwatch from a company that’s only recently launched.

But don’t expect to buy one.

Lucero is available for preorder at the moment.

It should ship in September.


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