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A few months ago, I started a dolphin entertainment company called Supercharged Entertainment Cabinet, with the goal of making a portable dolphin entertainment unit for your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or office.

After a few months, I had an idea to put a video game system in the cabinet, but I was still not sure what to build it around.

So I asked the folks at Dolphin Interactive to come up with ideas for their Dolphin entertainment system.

Dolphin Interactive’s vision for their new Dolphin entertainment cabinet included a controller, a keyboard, and a pair of speakers.

The cabinet would also include a monitor, microphone, and headphones.

I decided to give them the go ahead to design a dolphin gaming system.

The system I ended up building, Dolphin Gaming Cabinet, included the following components: Dolphin Controller Dolphin Keyboard Dolphin Keyboard and Mouse Dolphin Mouse Dolphin Monitor Dolphin Audio Receiver The cabinet also included a monitor that could play the Dolphin audio from the Dolphin controller, the audio jack for the Dolphin keyboard, a headphone jack, and HDMI out.

The console itself was made from PVC tubing that was cut into pieces and assembled in a DIY project by a few people.

I designed the cabinet as a project in progress, but eventually I figured out how to make it a real cabinet.

After several hours of labor and a lot of trial and error, I finally finished the cabinet.

I made some changes to the cabinet to make the Dolphin gaming system work, and I also made a few modifications to the Dolphin Gaming Controller.

I’ve now finished making the Dolphin game system, but if you are interested in making your own Dolphin entertainment box, check out my other Dolphin gaming systems, Dolphin games, and Dolphin-powered games.


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